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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Resolve: settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).

Vow: a solemn promise or assertion; specifically : one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition



Commit yourself to it! Then Bind yourself to your decision!

The only thing that will make or break your STABILITY! (James 1:8)

Decisions can be changed, Agreements can be modified, but Vows are binding!

One of the major reasons that marriages end so bitterly, is because the VOWS were broken. When we make binding promises and agreements, you are tied to them verbally, contractually, and spiritually. As time goes on, just as the Bible says, the two literally grow together, becoming one in everything.

Your intimacy, your finances and business obligations, as well as your spiritual beliefs become intertwined. Once any of these sours, it is like drinking spoiled milk… It won’t agree with the system. it may go down, but it will eventually your system will let you know. The boiling and gurgling of your stomach (murmuring and grumbling), Stomach pain caused by gas (building up of resentment and anger), and then the ultimate explosion (you know what I mean).

When the VOWS are broken, the very foundation is shattered, which now leaves everything above it vulnerable to fall. If you've ever seen a building collapse, you know how big of a mess it can make. Something that once appeared strong, solid, and sound, know breaks apart piece by piece, brick by brick. Some pieces shatter as they hit the ground, showing how weak they actually are apart, in contrast to how strong they were together.

The same holds true when you make a vow to God and with God! The power of agreement with God’s word is phenomenal. But if you break it, devastating things can and will occur.

Just imagine sitting at the table with God, and he presents you a contract. As you read it line by line, you see all of the pros and cons to the transaction. You know everything up front. No fine print or hidden clauses, just a simply worded contract that spells out the agreement between the two of you.

Before I even get to the contract, I must ask you to be perfectly honest in answering the following question: Have you made promises to God already that you haven’t kept?

Honestly… because our gut reaction is denial, and the last thing you should do, is attempt to enter into another obligation with someone (especially God), and you haven’t resolved your previous obligation. It causes tension within the relationship, because one is feeling as they are being used, manipulated, or cheated.

For example: You borrowed money from someone with a promise to pay by a certain date. The date comes, you have the money to pay it in full. But instead of paying the obligation, you spend it on something else. Weeks go by and you continue to receive money, but never repay. To make matters worse, you post all of your expenditures on Facebook for the world (including the person you borrowed from) to see. What do you think that person from whom you borrowed from is thinking?

Months have gone by and you haven’t even called the person, but all of a sudden an emergency comes up and you need some money immediately. You can’t go to any of the stores that you spent money with to borrow, and those you’ve spent money on can’t help you either. It’s an emergency and you need money NOW! Do you call the person you’ve been avoiding repayment all this time? What are you going to say? Will you lie or be manipulative? Or will you simply… Tell the truth?

God hates liars! There is no way around resolving your irresponsibility with Him. You can throw all of His words at Him, but unfortunately you can’t manipulate Him either… He already knows the truth. So before we go any further, I strongly suggest that you acknowledge your sins TODAY!

Sin defined is “To Miss The Mark”. Intentionally or unintentionally all of us have sinned. INCLUDING YOU! Don’t deny it or justify it… just admit it!

Think of it this way… You are playing darts (with the real ones). You aim for the bullseye, but once you throw it, you hit the wall instead. You were focused on it, you aimed for it, you even tried to hit it… But MISSED IT! Not only did you not hit your intended mark, but now this dart is stuck inside the wall. Even your best effort, caused damage. And once it is removed from the wall, it leaves the evidence of the damage you caused.

That is what sin does. You miss the mark, and cause damage that must be fixed by someone.

Most people just say I’m sorry and leave as if that is going to resolve the issue. Sorry doesn’t fix the wall… your gonna need some Spackle, sandpaper, and some paint to fix that hole.

I want you to get this, because there is a lot of damage your sins have caused that you said "I'm sorry" but never lifted a finger to fix or at the very least offered to pay for the damages.

Many are apologetic, but few are repentant!

(FYI: Repentance means to turn around and go in the right direction).

Imagine you have driven 10 miles in the wrong direction. The passenger tells you to turn around and your reply is "I'm Sorry" but you continue another 50 miles in the wrong direction. Did your apology change anything? In life we do the same thing, go 10 years going in the wrong direction, tell God or someone in our life "I'm Sorry" and continue another 50 years in the wrong direction. "I'm Sorry" doesn't change anything without a change in direction.

There are a lot of things that are irreparably damaged. Thankfully, there is an insurance policy for that… Jesus Christ! But to even cash in on that policy there is something you have to do…. CONFESS!!!

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Before you get into another contract with God (or anyone else for that matter), do the hard work of fixing what you have broken, paying back what you owe, or mending what you have torn.

The entire Bible is about a loving father desiring restoration. If that is not your intended goal, then this writing will not work for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme or a 7 steps to a blessing gimmick. You are going to need to do the work… and some of it is going to be hard. But if you really want the life that God has promised you….

Take a deep breath and say “I Can Do This”!

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