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Visiting Nursing Association partners with FellowshipWorld to create an Oasis In A Food Desert

On Saturday, June 5, 2022, FellowshipWorld assisted local families with non-perishable food items donated by employees of the Visiting Nursing Association of WNY.

The blessing that came out of the event was those that we were feeding… blessed us with there testimonies.

One woman shared how her niece escaped the shooting at Tops. And as she told the story, her hands kept going up in the air. She began to thank God that here niece was looking for Scotts tissue which was in the front of the store… But she couldn’t find it because she was at the back of the store.

Another man, who had been their earlier, pulled up in front of the church… He came back with a financial donation to bless the church. He said, I had to come back around here, because God’s been Good to me! I was in jail, for 40 years, I've only been out 18 months… and just like Job… God restored everything I lost!

Thank you to the VNA of WNY as well as the volunteers who helped to bless the people of our community.

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