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During your time of bereavement FellowshipWorld Church will advise and assist your family in planning a funeral that suits your family’s needs and your loved ones wishes.  We are able to prepare a meaningful service to honor your loved one.


Most of us are not prepared to plan and carry out a funeral ceremony for someone we love. And so much of the information available on this critically important subject fails to focus on what is most important: having a personalized, meaningful funeral that helps families and friends begin the healing process of mourning after the death of someone we love.

Download the information that will help provide insights necessary to help you and your family create a meaningful funeral experience that both honors the life of your loved one and starts you on the path to healing from your loss. 

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878 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211
Bishop John H. Young, Sr., D Div., Pastor
(716) 299-8476
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